Monday, February 21, 2011

Doctor's Appointment #1

Abby went to the opthomologist today and it went really well!  We are going to return for another appointment in June, but he thinks that her optic nerves are within the normal range!  He has no reason to believe that she'll have any major issues (besides glasses, but welcome to the family!)  In fact, he said that the eyes are on page two of her long list of concerns.  :)

I really liked this doctor and learned from a newsletter in the waiting room that he is world renowned for pediatric opthomology.  He was direct, but not brisk.  He was very friendly and good with Abby too!

We did learn to always bring the back-up battery into the building with us (it was in the car) because we had to hustle it out of there in order to switch the battery.  It wasn't an emergency because the vent has an internal battery of about 45 minutes, but it would have been much easier if we'd just brought it in.  Lesson learned!  Other than that and a bit of trouble finding a parking spot in the garage (we had to park in a non-handicapped spot on the 5th level, which we have never had to do), our first doctor's appointment in the "big city" was smooth sailing!

Matt will be taking Abby tomorrow to her GI appointment.  Here's hoping the report for that one will be just as good!

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