Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Girl Got My Veins...

...And that's something I really wish she hadn't gotten from me!

The last time we were in the hospital, they tried for a vein and couldn't get it.  Their best guy was brought in and couldn't find anything, but it was finally determined that Abby really didn't need an IV at that time anyway. 

This time around, Abby really needed an IV for the antibiotics.  Two women worked together in the ER and were actually able to get a vein on the very first try.  Yay!

It blew less than 12 hours later after being used only one time.

Someone from the IV team came in to replace it, stuck her once, and couldn't get a vein.

They called for a nurse from the NICU to try.  She stuck her once, didn't get the vein, and asked if she could try again.  I told her yes, but that this would be the last time.  I wasn't going to let my girl be a pin cusion.  Thankfully, she got the IV in that time.  Sadly, it meant that Abby couldn't suck the finger on her left hand that she loves to do so much.  This made her so angry, but I figured having a working IV was worth it.

It blew after only about 4 hours and had never even been used.

So, the mom in me came out and I told them that they would need to give her the antibiotic by shot.  Yes, shots still hurt a little, but they are only momentary pain as opposed to the annoying catheter in your arm and the board they tape the arm to so that they can't bend it.  I didn't really give them a choice, because I already knew that this antibiotic could be given IM*.


Plus, after only one more dose, she'll start getting the antibiotic once a day.  What's the point in having an IV that will only be used about 10 minutes a day????  I'll save her the pain!

Unfortunately, I think Abby's in for a life of bad veins and multiple pokes.  She is her mother's child!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go with sparing her the extra sticks! My son has real small veins and it took 7 sticks to get his IV in (age 5), and when that failed, they put it in his foot. They had to bring in the specialist... and this was on his first day in America after being adopted from China. (what a welcome!) I really enjoy reading your blog!
Jamie Trickle,
former Sunderlander