Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Personality

I thought I'd share a little about the budding personality my girl has.  She's pretty entertaining!

*  Abby LOVES to play 'possum' when she doesn't want people messing with her.  If she is tired of whatever you're doing, she simply closes her eyes until you stop the unwanted behavior.  Then she promptly "wakes up!"

*  She is growing like a weed.  At last weigh-in at the beginning of February, she was 8 lbs 13 oz.    She has been gaining about 8 oz a week, so I think she's probably over 10 lbs by now.  We'll see when we go to the doctor this week!

*  The girl lets you know when she is hungry!  About a half an hour before the feed is due, she starts getting fussy and sucking on her beloved left pointer finger really hard.  We're hoping to get her feeds increased soon.

*  Whenever she sees any of us or hears our voice, she starts kicking and moving her arms very excitedly.  I think she likes us!  This is especially apparent when Caleb comes in the room.  She is enamored with him, and I think the feeling is mutual!

*  Abby's favorite toys are her butterfly that makes a fun crinkling sound, a very soft pink puppy named Cherry, her magic spoon, and her glow seahorse that plays soft music.

*  Her least favorite activities include getting her trach ties changed, being suctioned, and having anyone touch her g-tube site.

*  Abby loves "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," "Skitamarink," "Our God," and "In Need of Grace."  Really, she loves any music.

*  My sister-in-law says that she stares into your soul with her big dark eyes.  She's definitely studying you when you hold her!

*  She loves making fishy faces and often copies me when I do it. 

*  Her favorite therapy exercises are "Sooooo big" (for arm tone) and lifting her up over our heads (for head control).  Her least favorites are holding her head to the right (to stretch out the muscles) and getting the inside of her cheek stretched (for oral stimulation). 

*  Abby is learning more and more how to "talk" around her trach, and we can usually hear her whenever she cries now.  She is also cooing a bit!

*  She loves to be held, but prefers to be held with her feet toward your belly and a hand under her head or turned around facing out.  She's too nosy to be cuddled.  She's gotta see what's going on.

*  The girl hiccups more than any baby I've ever seen.  I have no idea if this is related to her respiratory problems, but she definitely is above average in that category!

I hope this let you get to know our girl a little better!  Seriously, one day we will go out in public with day...

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Jennifer said...

Aww, what a fun post! So cute to hear about all her tricks! Her possum routine is pretty brilliant! :)