Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ok to Wake Alarm Clock

Remember when I told you about Caleb's special alarm clock?  Let me tell you, it works wonderfully!  I love that when he wakes up at ridiculously early hours of the morning, he simply stays in his room and plays until the alarm clock turns green.  There's a nap timer on there too.  You can make it beep or glow--we choose to have it glow because I don't wake sleeping boys!  :)  When Caleb has spent the night at relatives' houses recently, they have also been taking the alarm clock.  I guess they don't like 5:30 a.m. wake up visits either... :)  If you have an early riser that you wish would sleep just a little longer, then check this out.  Seriously, I love it!
I'm now an Amazon Associate and will occasionally be writing posts about certain Amazon products that interest me.  Feel free to click the picture or link above if you want to check out the alarm clock!


Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't have that when you were a kid! A frustrated mom probably invented it. Sounds like a great investment!

Maranda Nagle said...

Thanks Julie, we were thinking of getting Logan a clock. Now I have a good recommendation from someone I trust!