Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Whom it May Concern: Please Excuse My Absence

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while!  Please allow me to explain:

I was at the hospital all day with Abby on my birthday and there's no internet access there...not even for the staff!  Archaic?  Why, yes, yes, it is!

Then Matt and I went to dinner with our good friends Jenn and Steven for my birthday.  By the time we got home, I was too tired to post. Plus, I had to get a good night's sleep for my first day "back" to work!

So, Thursday I went to work.  No, I'm not really back.  We're all just taking it one day at a time and I'm working whenever I feel like I might be able to.  So I worked yesterday, and will work the two days before winter break.  After that, I'm not sure yet!  Nevertheless, it was really nice to be back into some kind of normalcy and I have definitely missed my kids! (And yes, we did work--hard--on rise and fall climax maps and analyzing characters!)

I picked Caleb up and we high-tailed it back up to Baltimore for the RMH holiday party (which was fab-u-lous, by the way...but more on that in a different post!)  When we finally retired to our room, we spent the rest of the night looking at the photos from the photography session we had back in the NICU! 

So yeah, that's why I haven't been posting recently.  So sorry!

But I'll have you know that Abby did, in fact, handle my inexperienced trach change just fine!  I just kept telling myself that it was just like doing it on a baby doll.  Oh yeah, except that I don't hold the baby doll's life in my hands!!  It was really okay though, and I will feel a whole lot less nervous next time...maybe! 

My birthday was nice.  I spent the day rocking my girl and the evening with good friends.  My present is my amazing camera...which will be my present (and Matt's!) for a very looooong time!  Matt also made me a very cute calendar with lots of pictures of our family.  Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

In other news:  Remember to get your questions to me by Saturday.  I'll do the post Saturday night.  I've gotten a few good questions and am ready and willing to answer them!  :)

In other, other news:  For some reason, Blogger is saying that I have run out of space to load pictures and have to purchase more space.  Blog hoax?  I'm not sure.  Any ideas?  I tried to delete a few old pictures that don't really matter, but it didn't seem to free up any space.  I would love suggestions, because I miss posting pictures!  In the meantime, you can go here to look at the professional pictures we had done! 

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katie said...

Post your photos to flickr (owned by yahoo!) and then link to the photo in your blog using the a href code of the URL.

You can even create a movie out of the images at flickr and insert it in your blog!

Picasso (owned by Goggle) is another place to store photos.