Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moving, Moving, Moving!

Do any of my SLES friends picture little school buses on popsicle sticks rolling down a little construction paper road? 

No, just me? 

Okay, nevermind.

I've got SLES on the brain after I visited there for a little while today.  It was awesome to visit with my kids (hellllllllooooooo to those of you who are reading this, now that I know you have the site!) and chat with the staff for a while.  It almost made me feel somewhat normal.  Almost.

Anyway, I digress.

Tomorrow, we are officially transferring to Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital.  There, we will be trained on trach care, how to use the vent, and trach CPR.  They also will help us set up private duty nursing care for Abby.  In addition, it will be a place where Abby can grow and get regulated on her CPAP settings. 

It's one step closer to home!!!!

This probably won't be a quick stop before our final destination, however.  We're still planning to be at RMH until after the New Year.  The last thing we want to do is rush Abby and find ourselves back in the PICU at UMMC!  (Yes, if she goes back, she'll go into the PICU, not the NICU.  *tear*)  While it is sometimes hard to be patient, we want to make sure that Abby is good and ready to go home before we drive away! 

No Emergency Rooms is going to be my motto...planned hospital visits only, please!

So tomorrow, we'll be starting the next chapter.  It's definitely bittersweet to say goodbye to UMMC and all of the wonderful staff members we've met there, but we're ready for our next challenge!

Goodbye, UMMC, hello MWPH!

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