Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I am learning this year that the holidays aren't about the pretty decorations that I used to slave over the day after Thanksgiving.  They aren't about expensive presents and trying to out do others in giving the best gifts.  They aren't about eating yummy food and watching the snow fall.  They aren't about the traditional Christmas shows on TV.  They aren't about the traditions you've worked hard to establish as a family.

This year, we won't be doing much of the above.  We've decorated our little RMH room as best we can, but it's nothing like the way I normally decorate my house.  The spending has been cut way back and our awesome camera will be our gift to each other for the next year of occasions!  While I'm sure the food at RMH will be nice, it won't be quite what we are used to.  I heard that it snowed a bit today, but I never saw it from the inside of Abby's little hospital room.  We never have time to watch any TV at all, much less entire movies.  We won't be doing many of our annual traditions because we just don't have the time, resources, or energy.

But that's okay.  Because that's not what Christmas is about.

Christmas is about a little baby a long time ago who changed the world forever. 

Christmas is about being with your family and celebrating Jesus' birth together.

Christmas is about giving to others, even in small ways, to show your love.

So we're okay with celebrating Christmas a little differently this year.  It will definitely be one we will remember, and I have a feeling we'll look back on this Christmas with very fond memories.


MaryJo said...

Very well stated Julie. More people need to know what Christmas is NOT about. The trappings are here and gone. God and family prevail. You WILL have your best Christmas far. Many more to come. Hugs and Prayers. MaryJo

Susan Mattingly said...

Amen !

Cindy Stiles said...

Hi Julie,

Miss Abby is truly incredible. It will be a wonderful 1st Christmas for baby Abby and your family because you will be with each other! Hugs to all:)

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes! well said! Merry Christmas Matt, Julie, Caleb and Abby!