Thursday, December 23, 2010


Everything about last night was beautiful...

...100+ Baltimore police officers who brought in gifts for the kids of the Ronald McDonald House.

...shouts of joy when children spotted the Maryland State Police helicopter circling above us and aiming the spotlight at us.

...amazement on the faces of the families as officers carried in box after box of toys.

...three humongous mounds of toys that were spread across the main floor.

...excited squeals of children as they picked out bikes, games, dolls, Nerf guns, and every other toy imaginable.

...Pete, the man who started the program 17 years ago in honor of his mother, who was killed during a robbery for $60.

...tearful embrace Pete and I shared as I thanked him for doing this for us.

...encouragement he gave to me to cherish every moment.

...words Pete shared with the group of officers and families about Abby.

...tears Pete shed when he told them of the rarity of her syndrome. I had when Pete told me to call him when Abby graduated from high school.

...hugs I received from big, burly police officers with tears streaming down their faces.

The night had nothing to do with the presents.  It had everything to do with the love that filled this house.  Last night will be forever etched in my memory. 



Katie said...

Beautiful is the perfect word for this post. :-)

aunt shirley said...

Gifts from the heart are God's greatest gifts....sounds like your cup runneth over.