Friday, December 24, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Do...

*  Drive to, from, and all over Baltimore by myself...or in the dark...or during rush hour!

*  Change a trach.

*  Be on a first name basis with many insurance representatives.

*  Allow complete strangers into my home to care for my daughter--even when I'm not home or when I'm sleeping.

*  Be flown in a helicopter on a stretcher. (I prefer a sightseeing tour)

*  Navigate city streets on foot by myself.

*  Need a place like RMH to stay.

*  Be stuck with 100+ needles, two of which were in my stomach...and they were really big.

*  J-Walk on a regular basis.  (You must understand.  I'm a rules girl and rules girls don't do that.  It's illegal, which makes it against the rules.)

*  Ride in a cab alone.

*  Be able to give people directions to places in Baltimore.

*  Search in vain for a specialist that doesn't exist for a disease that nobody knows about.

*  Be separated from my family for the better part of three months.

*  Receive gifts, cards, and emails from complete strangers who just wanted us to know they're praying for us.

Yep, I'm doing lots of things I never thought I'd do these days.

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