Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Things

10 things running through my head right now...

1.  I made it through two consecutive days at school with only a few gray hairs and one massive paper cut.

2.  What do you say when someone new to RMH asks if your child (as in Caleb) has sensory issues (as in autism)?  Um, no, he's just really good at throwing tantrums.

3.  We have been blessed beyond measure by the generosity of so many people.  HUGS!

4.  I'm convinced that anything Mrs. Cain makes is bound to be good.  :)

5.  Not too many people get a glimpse of what their house would look like if they died.  I did.  It's not pretty.

6.  Caleb just renamed his favorite blanket "Peace and Quiet."  I need one of those too.

7.  While I usually love snow, the prospect of my family being split on Christmas (with Matt being at home, Caleb and me being here, and Abby being at MW) has me very upset.  I want us all to be together, in the same room, without gowns, masks, or gloves, on Christmas.

8.  I've had a few Debbie Downer days, which is unlike me.  This is all just really wearing on me. 

9.  I'm pretty impressed that I drove up here by myself in the dark for the first time and didn't have one bit of trouble.

10.  I miss my girl.  I haven't seen her since Sunday and couldn't go tonight because I have Caleb by myself and we're trying to protect him from the germs.  I can't wait for tomorrow!!

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Megan said...

Big huge hugs on all of the above! I second the thought that you need a "peace and quiet" blanket! Each moment apart is another moment closer. Tell that Abby girl I said "Hi." I know you'll be smothering her with OXOX of your own but throw one or two in there for me too if you don't mind! :0)