Monday, December 13, 2010

Model Waver

We got some great news today:  our application for Model Waver has been accepted and Abby will be in the program!!

Now, I am fully aware that most of you are going, huh? right now.  That's okay.  I had never heard of it either before Abby was born!  I have gained a whole new vocabulary in the last two months!

Model Waver is a Medicaid program for children who have such big medical needs that they might not be able to go home without certain things in place (ie: private duty nursing and medical equipment).  It's pretty difficult to be accepted into the program because Maryland only takes 200 kids at a time....and once you're in, you're in until you don't need it anymore.  This is wonderful for us now that we're in, but not so great when you're on the waiting list.

Fortunately--or not so fortunately, depending on how you look at it--Abby was put pretty high on the waiting list because of her vent dependency. This is pretty much why we were accepted into the program.

So what's the big deal?  Medicaid, which is normally based on financial need, is given solely based on medical necessity through Model Waver.  It will help cover what our primary insurance doesn't--including private duty nursing.  With a typical person, a few copays or deductibles here and there isn't a big deal...but that's so not the case with Abby!  Getting into this program will be extremely beneficial to us!

We've been praying that we would be accepted into this program quickly, but we really didn't think it would be this fast!  That just goes to show that you shouldn't put limits on God.  :)

In other news:  Abby's red blood cell count is UP significantly from last week, which is a very good thing! 

Yay for a day filled with some happy news!


Darryl said...

Julie. This is truly a blessing from God. Now you can move that concern to the back burner and concentrate on Abby without worrying so much about the costs. Praise The Lord! Love, Dad.

Amanda Davis said...

What a blessing. I am sure this has to be such a relief. May you know that many are praying for your family.

Amanda Davis

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Your Mom told me how to post...I hadn't forgotten you! What beautiful pictures there are of you and your kids! Love Abby's black hair and cute little face! Some day I'll get the flu shot and get to see her in person. I had never heard of the "Model Waver" and am so grateful the Lord has provided it for you. It's only natural to have a meltdown once in awhile and then one goes on...just like you are. Love and many prayers, Mary W.

Tara Montague said...

i'm so happy to hear about the waiver. I completely understand. Mary needed one too for the vent and nursing to go home so we were able to get one immediately. I don't know what we'd do without the waiver. She has medical ins. but Medicaid picks up so many things that the ins. co. won't cover. Formula; lots of supplements ins. says aren't necessity; diapers; oxygen; vents and supplies; feeding supplies - just to name the basics. It will definitely be a help for you.