Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things I Didn't Think I'd be Doing

If you'd told me last year some of the things I'd be doing in February of 2012, I'd just laugh at you...or cry and shake my head!  I was so completely overwhelmed with the craziness of everything that I couldn't even imagine what things would look like a year later. 

This was evident as we reevaluated Abby's IFSP (Individualized Family Services Plan) for her therapy services!  Some of our goals a year ago were for Abby to have head and neck control, to sign one word, and to take one bite of solid food.  My, my, how things have changed!  The girl who couldn't hold her head up for even a second a year ago is now crawling up the stairs and walking with a push walker.  The girl whose thoughts were locked inside her head a year ago are now exploding through her fingers.  The girl who refused to even let a spoon pass through her lips a year ago now willingly tastes just about anything you give her--and likes it! 

Things I didn't think I'd be doing...

...chasing a 15 month old out of the cabinets...and the toilet...and the refridgerator...and the cabinets again...and the trash can...

...telling Abby to stop whacking her brother on his head

...breaking up fights between siblings

...changing trach ties by myself on a regular basis (while on the phone and breaking up fights between siblings!)

...watching Anna and Abby race around the house with their respective walkers

...having to protect my bowl of chocolate ice cream from Abby's sweet tooth
...walking with my girl holding only one hand down our driveway

...teaching Abby a new sign almost every day

...talking about "least restrictive environments" and preschool options

...discussing and planning for weaning Abby off of the vent for good this summer

Here's to another year of things I didn't think I'd be doing!!  :)


Raelyn said...

She has come a long way that Abby!! Your little girl is a fighter and an incredible odd-defying survivor!! ;)

Erin said...

I'm glad to hear that your meeting went well and that her progress is so large!! I love hearing that goals are met and especially hearing that they were over met that much!!! Lets go LRE!!!!

Elise Goad said...

Wow what an amazing God we serve! It is so great to hear of a child who is getting better :)

NJ said...

my love to the cutie patootie! she is a darling.. I always love to hear what she has achieved! way to go abby! you and your family will always be in our prayers.

Karen said...

I love it!