Monday, February 13, 2012

Does Blogging Creep You Out?

If you look on the right side of the blog, you'll see little icons with pictures of some of the people who follow my blog....or at least the ones who linked up using Google Friend Connect!  Of those 71 people who are currently following, I don't know over half of them. 

We're about to approach 200,000 hits...before I went into the hospital with Abby, I had a little over 5,000 hits total in almost 4 years.  I now get about 1,000 hits a day, and I know they're not all from my mother!  ;)

Does that freak me out?


I'm not naive.  I know that putting our life out on the internet has dangers.  I try to be very careful not to give anything more than our general Maryland location and do a lot of initials for places we go.  I don't link to local places and only include the names of friends' kids with their permission--especially now that more than 6 people read it on a regular basis!

But the reason that I choose not to worry about the dangers of the internet is because it is so utterly clear to me that God is using my blog to reach people.  I love connecting with others and it puts a smile on my face when I get an email thanking me for encouraging them.  It is reassuring to know that God has a reason for putting us in this place and is using our challenges for good.

No, nobody commented about me putting my life out there for all to read, or that public blogging is dangerous. If they're thinking it, they're not saying it! :) It's just been something I've been pondering recently, and I actually think it's kind of funny that a worrier like me is not worried about this!

So while I am aware of the dangers and could certainly make my blog private for-my-eyes-only, I prefer to allow God to lead this blog in the direction He chooses.  After seeing where He has taken it in the last year (I certainly never thought I would be guest blogging on other special needs blogs, that's for sure!!), I know that He will continue to lead me.  I'll save my worries for other germs!!! :)

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Pol said...

Seeing as I'm one of the 71 (now 72) followers - I thought I would comment to say hi! Love your blog :)