Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lock and Lock $1 Shop

Lock and Lock's $1 shop is back and there are definitely a couple of things worth checking out!!  They are already selling out of items, so go quickly!  The sale is going on until February 6th.

One thing I noticed was this salad bowl, which is a nice lunch size (for a lot more than salad) or for storing leftovers.

Another good deal is this water bottle.  I have gotten these before and they're really nice!  I used them as part of Caleb's teachers' gifts (paired with a lunch bag and some treats.)

My mom uses this water bottle all of the time!  It has a cover and then a screw cap, so it's not going to leak on you.

You may not be able to think of a use for this at first, but I love mine!  It is the perfect size to hold a cupcake, onion, tomato, green pepper, or other roundish vegetable!  I use it a lot, and $1 is a good price for it!

I use these little round containers all of the time!!  I put salad dressing in them, pack some goldfish for Caleb, put earrings in it when I travel...the possibilities are endless! 

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