Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop the Word

The "R-Word" (used to describe people with intellectual disabilities) is very offensive to me.  Way before I was blessed to have Abby in my life, I hated the word.  And I've said that before.

I came across this blog post, which is one of many I have enjoyed from Love That Max.  Ellen's writing is real and from the heart.  She also has a whole lot of courage to do the Twitter experiment she did!  I am too worried about getting people mad at me, but she showed a lot of guts!

If you're an "R-Word" user, it would be an awesome Valentine's Day gift to the millions of children and adults with intellectual disabilities (and those who don't, but people assume they do because they're in a wheelchair, on a ventilator, etc.) if you'd consider a different word. 

From a mom who hopes the term is never aimed at her daughter.

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Robyn :) said...

I hate that word, too. I do not even allow it when people are using it to refer to something they think is stupid. I also do not tolerate people making gestures associated with that word.

The original meaning is slow, but it has been twisted into something hurtful and disrespectful. I hope people do think twice about using it :)