Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love Google Images!

There are sooooo many images related to Choosing Joy!  These are some of my favorites...

I want to make this one...or buy it from someone who did!  :)

I thought this one was pretty clever.  It was the poster for a sermon series.

I really hope this says "Choose Joy" and that I'm not actually saying something offensive in French.  If it says "Choose Joy," then I think it's beautiful.  If it is vulgar, then I'm sorry...I only speak German!

I thought this one was cute!


Raelyn said...

I love the picture with that smiling ball.... "She" is surrounded by so many blue, unhappy, negative faces!! :-(
Choose Joy!! Yeah!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I don;t know if you knew this, but I am reminded of this other blogger every time I read about Choose Joy on your blog. She is currently dealing with cancer and has also adopted Choose Joy for her slogan. She has a free download today that you might want to see: