Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2-for-1 Deal

We took Abby to the doctor this afternoon for a goopy, draining ear.  The other one started up while we were at the doctor's office!  Yup, double ear infection!

In the elevator going to her appointment, I noticed redness in Caleb's eye.  One look at it and the nurse offered to pull his chart too.  Yup, pink eye! 

No, I don't have a dirty kid!!!  Pink eye runs wild and is extremely contagious.  Who knows where he got it, but I hope his two preschools don't have an epidemic. :(

Our awesome pediatrician gave Abby an antibiotic that will cover both the ears and any eye infections, so hopefully, she won't get pink eye.  She has the typical ear drops as well, so we're hoping to get rid of it quickly.

Side Note:  Abby never had an ear infection until she got tubes.  Since the end of September after her surgery, she's had 4 infections.  I think we were better off without them!

3 prescriptions and 2 extra-needy kids who both just want their Momma later, they're both started on their medicines and hopefully on the mend.

By the way:  who ever thought eye drops for a 5 year old was a good idea?????  Oh. My. Goodness.  Matt wasn't home to "enjoy" the medicine dispensing tonight, so I literally straddled Caleb, tucked his arms under my legs, and held his head between my knees to put the drops in.  It was the only way.  Seriously.

Pure torture. 

Probably for him too. 



Amy said...

HINT: Next time ask to try eye ointment. Easier to get it in their eyes and you know for sure it's in, at least that is my experience. Hope they are feeling better.

Larissa said...

haha, that's how we've done it with pink eye too, only we havent ad in in about 2years! Not since preschool!