Sunday, February 12, 2012


Caleb is going to help me make chocolate pudding (for his writing practice!).  He comes into the kitchen with his goggles on.  When I ask why he's wearing them, he replies quite seriously, "Well, you never know when something might fly up and hit you in the eye.  Safety first, Momma.  Safety first."

Caleb:  (When Abby throws a toy at him because he won't let her play with the one she wants):  Don't throw things in anger, Abby!  (voice of experience)

Caleb: (in a sing-song voice to Abby):  Well, good morning, cutest little baby in the world!


Me:  Okay, Caleb, what do you want your next reward to be for getting all of your magnets for 3 days on your daily chart?

Caleb:  Hmm...I know!!!!  A trip to Disney World!!!!!!  (his last reward was a movie night at home...)

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Finding Normal said...

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Love the Caleb-isms! Amazing how similar our lives are, and very nice to meet ya! :)