Monday, June 25, 2012

You Might Be an Ronald McDonald House Family If...

...You notice a soda can in the trash and consider reaching in and pulling the tab off...and sometimes do!

...It seems like complete strangers "get" you more than people you've known for years.

...You wear your red and yellow bracelet with pride.

...Your children have a deeper understanding of what it means to love others unconditionally.

...Checking the resident mailboxes is the highlight of your kid's day.

...Your five year old has ever stood in the middle of a McDonalds telling customers how important it is to put change in the donation container.

...Your family is a whole lot bigger these days!

...You have ever wished for "Activity Hour" when you're at home and have run out of things to keep your kids busy until bedtime!

...Tears are shed for families going through a particularly tough time.

...You get used to taking an elevator up two stories to get to your bedroom.

...You have no problem striking up conversations with people you don't know.

...Your children get ridiculously excited about going to the hospital because it means staying at RMH.

...You get a huge smile on your face whenever you talk about "The House That Love Built."

...You understand that "family" is more than blood lines.

RMH Families and Staff:  got any others?  Please add to my list and I'll repost the new and improved version.  :)

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