Thursday, June 21, 2012

Abby's Boyfriend

Abby had her first crush while she was at MW.  In fact, it was on one of her roommates.  Yes, the rooms are co-ed up until a certain age.  I'm thinking I need to request an all-female room next time or we will be in some major trouble!!

The two of them would "talk" to each other from their sides of the room, wave, and blow kisses.  Abby would head right over to see him when she was out of her crib, and he would laugh and get so excited.  When they went with a few other friends to the playroom, the two of them sat in the cart together and Abby kept trying to hold his hand.  They gave each other lots of hugs too.  It was absolutely hysterical and a little frightening to see her all googly eyed over a boy at such a young age.

Sadly, the boyfriend ditched her for discharge...and left during Abby's nap without even so much as a goodbye!  Abby woke up and immediately noticed he was gone.  She was bitter the rest of the day.  Look out, ladies.  He's a heartbreaker.

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Debbie said...

How precious is that...go Abby go girl!!!