Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hospital Recap

Sorry for not posting while we were in the hospital.  Turns out, MW does have wifi (thanks Gila!), but it took a day for someone in IT to come approve my laptop, and when Abby went to sleep and I had time to post, I discovered that Blogger is not an "approved" site.  Scandalous!

If we're Facebook friends, you already know most of the story.  Here's the condensed version.  :)

We get there and it turns out that "they" (still not sure who "they" are) forgot to schedule the sleep study, which is the entire reason we are there.  She's on the waiting list, but we may have to wait until the following Monday to do the study...which means being in the hospital until Monday...which means exposing Abby to unnecessary germs.  Ugh.  Not too happy!  We found out Tuesday afternoon that she would have it that night, which was perfectly fine with me!  We actually ended up getting out a day early.  Woo hoo!  Abby did great the first night off the vent and sailed through the sleep study with flying colors.  The doctor who reviewed the initial assessment said it looked perfect.  :)

For the first two days, we had the most delightful Gila as our nurse, who is a self-proclaimed blog stalker.  Turns out, she knows everything about Abby and didn't really need me to fill her in on anything!  We knew Gila from our first time around at MW, and Abby adores her.  She absolutely cracks me up with her tongue-in-cheek humor.  She ranks right up there with "our" Megan as far as favorite nurses go!  I most appreciated that she valued my role as Abby's mom and her #1 advocate.  She made my stay much more bearable, and I missed her on our last day!  Thanks for making me smile, Gila!  (I know you're reading...) :)

MW no longer has all of the original teaching sheets stating our proficiency in trach care because it was too long ago, so guess what I had to do???  It was mildly annoying because we obviously know how to take care of our daughter and have been doing it since we came home 17 months ago, but I rolled with it.  Matt was really mad, but I told him not to stir up trouble because we didn't want Abby to be there any longer than she had to be.  Plus, I was doing all of her cares anyway, so they might as well just check me off on it.  So I suctioned, changed her trach ties, changed a trach, explained the necessity of a trach, and listed signs of respiratory distress.  And I passed!!!  Good thing!

So, here I am again, in Abby's room...watching my girl sleep...ventless!!!!  I was flat-out told in the NICU that Abby would be ventilator-dependent forever.  I'm certain that the "helpful" doctor who felt the need to inform me of this "fact" would be shocked to hear that not only is Abby no longer vent-dependent, but that she got rid of it when she was less than two years old.  Ahhhh-maaaaay-zing.  So there, Negative Nelly NICU Neonatalogist!


Anonymous said...

of course im ready and i missed you guys today (including beth, of course) ... g.

Anonymous said...

of course im reading and i missed you guys today (including beth) ... g

Debbie said...

What a tremendous step in Abby's and the family's life. Congratulations Julie for being her #1 Advocate, so in tune and assertive enough to ensure she has gotten everything she's needed to progress. You are so much a major part of her progress along, of course, with our Heavenly Father who never left your side or Abby's side. He has bestowed so many unforeseen miracles on "our" little Abby. Yes, mommy,"our"!! (Abby belongs to the world now (at least the world who follows this blog). Your outstanding blogging has allowed each of us to get to really know Abby and to fall in love with her as well as with the whole family. God bless each of you.