Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 Things

1.  I found Abby a Hello Kitty lollipop that is shaped like a lipstick and has a lid.  She loves it and it's easy to stash in her diaper bag for when we're out and at Caleb's graduation!  

2.  This is a foldable water bottle, but we are using it like those applesauce or baby food pouches that are popular these days.  Abby LOVES eating from those pouches and eats a lot more when she uses them, but they aren't very high in calories like she needs.  I put my own "doctored" purees in one of these and she sucks it down!  Plus, it has a picture of a dog on each side.  Abby can sign (and SAY!!!!) dog to her little heart's content.

It's great for eating at restaurants because she can do it on her own...unless she gets bored and starts squeezing the pouch so that food squirts everywhere.  Then it's not so great.

The feeding therapist at JHH had never seen this before and loved the idea.  She's going to share it with other families who may be in a similar situation.  

**This is NOT a sponsored blog.  My mom bought some of these pouches for the kids at Easter, and I repurposed it to become a feeding pouch.  True story!

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