Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So is Abby Weaning Off of Her Vent, or What?????

The answer:  I don't know.

The hospital where she is going to do the weaning just told me today that they will have a bed for her.  I thought all of my worries were over and I could finally say that we were definitely going on Monday.


Turns out, they didn't put in the pre-authorization request to our insurance company until today.  This process usually takes three days before you get an answer. is Wednesday...uh, yeah, that would be FRIDAY afternoon before I'm going to get an answer about whether or not Abby will be inpatient on MONDAY morning....with Relay for Life, Father's Day activities, and volunteering at RMH in between.

I have no idea why they waited this long when they were contacted a week ago about Abby coming in.  It seems to me that ball could have started rolling quite a bit sooner!!

I called my insurance case manager (yep, they have case managers for the "special" policy holders who cost them a lot of money...) to see if she could expedite the process a bit, only to hear on her voice mail message that she will be out of the office through Friday.  Of course.

So, I'm at the mercy of the medical director...who already LOVES me from our last little run-in with the insurance company when he tried to take away our night nursing.  I won't be the least bit surprised if this not so little request is denied...especially since the guy at the hospital said that our particular insurance company is famous for denying these "voluntary" admissions that really aren't voluntary.

I've started packing as if we're going, just because there's so much going on and Abby has so much stuff that I really need to pack a little each day.  I can't exactly run to the Rite Aid down the street for a ventilator battery or suction tubing if I forget something.  Plus, we'll be going sometime and it will be that much less to pack when the time comes.

I haven't officially cancelled everything yet (everything being doctors' appointments, speech, OT, PT, and both day and night nursing) because I'm afraid that if I cancel it I won't get it back.  The biggest thing is the nursing...the other things can be rescheduled.

What a frustrating day this has been.  If you think of it, please pray that the insurance will approve the hospitalization and that Abby will get in for her vent weaning on Monday.  And pray for my sanity.  Oy.

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