Thursday, June 14, 2012


With all of these beautiful family pictures, I have been very inspired to do a little decorating around the house.  Here's a glimpse at our recent mini-projects:

3 frame in main hallway

I love this Family Rules canvas that I found at Kohls!

This is a wall art decal in our kitchen

This is in our playroom

Two pictures of Abby with my bracelet that I've had since she was born.  The verse below is the verse on my bracelet.

This is on the wall in our living room.  The three lower pictures are Abby's hand with each one of ours, and the top picture is all of us together.

Our living room with some 8x10s of the kids and a wall art decal.

I'm really excited about the new decorations on our walls!  It's easy to be inspired when you have such cute kids!  ;)

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