Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vent Weaning News!!!!!

Abby had her pulmonology appointment today, and it was full of nothing but good news and praise for how well she is doing!!  Our doctor feels like she is definitely ready to go into MWPH for a few days to be taken off of the vent once and for all!!

The way it will work is that she will come in, sleep at MWPH for two days off of the vent while being monitored, then do a sleep study off of the vent on the third day.  The reasoning behind this is that sometimes kids get worn out by the third day and start having issues.  If her sleep study is good, we'll be going home, SANS VENT!!!

(Well, we will still have the vent for a while, just in case.  But it will sit in the closet and will not be used!!)

Since we are a "voluntary admission," (don't quite get that, since we have to go, but whatever) Abby could get bumped if a more serious case comes up.  That's perfectly understandable.  If everything works out, we'll be going on/around June in, a week from Monday!  As in 12 days!!!

This is one hospital stay I am really looking forward to!  Just think...some of those doctors in the NICU thought Abby would be vent-dependent for the rest of her life...

Thank you, Lord, for strengthening my daughter's lungs!


Debbie said...

Praise Be - Wishing you all the best outcome possible

Pat Hetzler said...

This is wonderful, wonderful news!