Monday, June 25, 2012

My Day

I drove 2 hours and 15 minutes, paid $6 in tolls, and got lost going to the pediatric dentist today.  This is the one that we were going to in order to get her cavities fixed under general anesthesia at JHH.  Things did not go as planned.

Once I finally got there and we were seen by the dentist, we realized that while she does technically have visiting rights at JHH, her credentials an't in order for her to do any procedures there.  She just graduated (didn't know that!!) and hasn't gotten her paperwork together yet.  This was the entire reason we were going to her.  She suggested that she could see Abby at a different hospital similar to our local hospital, completely missing my reason for going to JHH.  She also suggested sedating her at the office, but I was very reluctant to do that being that there wouldn't be emergency equipment if something were to happen.

Then she suggested going to the dental school to have them work on Abby.  I don't need to describe my reaction to having dental students touch my daughter.

Impressed with her yet?  Me neither.

She was terrible with Abby...didn't even try to talk to her, just pried her mouth open repeatedly and let her cry, flail, and scream.  I'm thinking that is probably bad for business to have a screaming kid in the dentist's chair.

Then she says she doesn't think Abby has any cavities after all.  She thinks it is just staining.  That could be true, but it is the complete opposite of what our original pediatric dentist said...who has a whole lot more experience.

Sooooooooo...I figured we needed to get a third opinion from someone who really does have visiting rights at JHH.  I called the other number I was given and was fortunate enough to get an appointment for tomorrow.  It's back up to Baltimore again, but at least it's in the city where I know where I'm going.  (I never thought I would say that phrase!!)

To make a bad day even worse, I found out today that Abby is not covered by my dental insurance. Awesome.  My first sinking feeling was that it was my error when I completed the original paperwork.  But a call to our local plan administrator confirmed that my paperwork was fine and that it was an insurance error.  Shhhhhew!  If we do get charged for any of the dental visits, they will have to reimburse us.   Thank goodness.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, with this dentist being the "tie-breaker."  Are they cavities, or not????  This is the question!

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