Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doll Baby

My little doll baby loooooooooves her doll babies!!

The other night, she went to the stairs to go up to bed with her beloved Beth (the one with the brown hair who looks an awful lot like Abby!) in her arms.  As she got to the gate, she let out a loud, OH! and ran back on a mission.  She found her little soft, pink, no-named baby and came running back to me with the cutest little grin I've ever seen!  I had to help her up the stairs because her arms were so full of babies!!

I made sure that Beth got packed after Abby fell asleep, because it would be so sad to leave her here!  She literally goes everywhere with Abby.  We "feed" Beth when Abby eats (which definitely helps with the feeding!!), Beth comes in the bathroom when Abby takes a bath, we have tea parties with it's only natural for Beth to be there for the vent weaning!!

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