Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mark 10:27

My sister gave me a bracelet right after Abby was born to remind me "For with God, all things are possible."  I have worn it ever since as a constant reminder not to lose faith.  God can perform miracles!

This was taken in the NICU in November, 2010 when Abby was just two weeks old.

This was taken in May, 2012 when Abby was 18 months old!

See everybody?  For with God, all things are possible!


Darryl said...
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Darryl said...

In her, God has truly shown that all things are possible -- a living miracle.

Debbie said...

Another WOW moment and another lesson in having faith in our Savior. And I might add, what a wonderful, thoughtful and uplifting gift from your sister.