Monday, June 4, 2012

This is Abby

 The whole role of the geneticist is to point out every imperfection your child has.  It's pretty nerve-wracking to hear them discuss the measurements of her bridge span across her nose and the disproportion of her chin to the rest of her head.  In fact, it's never fun to hear people point out the imperfections of your child.  You know what?

This is Abby.

That too wide bridge across her nose crinkles in just the right way so that you can tell she is smiling even without looking at her mouth, and it is adorable.

This is Abby.

Her tiny head is so sweet as it nestles against me.  I love to kiss the top of her wild brown hair as she's snuggling.

This is Abby.

The smile that spreads across her face may reveal a future of dental work, but every beautiful smile I receive is a gift that I do not deserve.

This is Abby.

Her raspy voice forcing out, "Hi Momma!" when I walk through the door is the sweetest thing I've heard all day.  

This is Abby.

Every step she takes to try to keep up with kids half her age is a step we weren't sure she would ever take.

This is Abby.

While she may not fit the world's description of perfection, she is beautiful in our eyes.  What's more, she is absolutely perfect in God's eyes.  She was fearfully and wonderfully made, and I know that every centimeter of that bridge was carefully measured out to perfection.  I know that every tooth in her mouth was lovingly placed there.  I know that, even though it is hard to imagine, every cracked and broken rib was handcrafted and given to her for a purpose. 

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 

My daughter is so beautiful just the way she is.  Don't you agree?


Darryl said...

I agree. She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Julie, you have such a gift with words! I know you were hurt by the thoughtless words of someone who should be supporting you but instead of getting angry, after the tears went to God's words for comfort. Abby is a gift to all of us. Yes, she is Abby.

Karen said...

She is beautiful....and smart and amazing!

Becca said...

she is a really beautiful and sweet little girl. I was so happy to finally meet her on Saturday. Barrett talked about "baby Abby" and her "pretty pretty brown hair" all the way home. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post!!!

debbie said...

I cannot tell you how "in awe" I am (continually) with you, Matt, Caleb and Abby. The family's strength, faith, support and love for one another and that of your family Julie is possibly unmatched. All of you are incredible role models for so many of us. And when I look at Abby, (total honesty here), I see no "hiccups" on her face; I see a darling and beautiful little girl who appears to me to be full of spunk and devilment. Her smile is simply precious (and did I say devilish)? :) And what's with anyone making a remark regarding her nose or mouth or chin. I honestly have never noticed and feel frustration at those who do not see what I see and that is that the Abster is just a beautiful little girl who has amazed me and touched me in a way that my life has never been touched. And you dear Julie AND Abby are my new "s"heroes!!