Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waking Up Thankful

Our main night nurse commented a few weeks ago that Abby is one of the happiest wakers she has ever seen.  It's true!  The girl throws opens her eyes, bolts up to a sitting position, and starts clapping, smiling, and giggling.  Our nurse said it's like she's just happy to be alive and thankful that God gave her another day.

I have to admit that my wake-up is not quite so...peppy.  My alarm goes off, I groan, and hit snooze 2 or 3 times before I finally resignedly force myself to get out of bed.  I'm not sure I've ever clapped and giggled upon waking.

You may not be much of a morning person either, but I think we could all learn something from Abby!  I can honestly say that I don't often wake up thanking God for another day.  Since our nurse brought Abby's "Morning Gratitude" to my attention, I've been trying to do that more.

So while you may not clap and giggle when your alarm goes off, join Abby and me in thanking God that He has allowed you to see another morning.


Raelyn said...

Very good. Very, very, very good. I needed to read that!! Thanks for sharing it!! ;-}
Even though I am a "morning person".... ;)

Debbie said...

Am grateful for the words of optimistic wisdom. Thx for sharing