Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sippin' Cider Through a Straw...

Anybody know that song?  It's an old camp song that I learned as a kid.  And it's what Abby has been doing a lot of recently!

The other day I decided to be an extra nice momma and give Caleb a juice box--we are water and milk people, but I had a few left over from his birthday.  Abby seemed interested in it, so I figured, why not?  I'll try it!

I squeezed it in the first few times so that she could get the taste, but then once she decided she wanted it, I made her suck it through the straw herself.  She got a little angry at first, but she quickly learned!

Once she mastered that, I tried several different water bottles.  She really liked the Thermos bottle, which was much like this Hello Kitty one:  
Except that it was Toy Story, not Hello Kitty.  Caleb wouldn't dare let her use his Star Wars one.  That's sacred, apparently.  I need to get this girl her own Hello Kitty water bottle!  

Side Note:  We have a lot of water bottles in our house, and Caleb has gone through quite a few himself.  I like the Thermos brand for a number of reasons:
1.  They don't leak (they really don't!!)
2.  They are stainless steel, so mold doesn't grow as fast and they don't smell
3.  They are dishwasher safe and the pictures on the outside look as good as when I bought them
4.  The straw is silicone, so little biters won't chew up the straw
5.  Everything comes apart for washing and is easy to put back together
6.  Did I mention they don't leak??  This is my biggest issue with water bottles!

Back on track!  Abby has decided she loves drinking from a straw, and will sip quite a bit!  She hasn't had a swallow study yet, but we're hoping that May's feeding therapy appointment will bring us the good news that she is ready for one.  I think she is, but I'm not the expert.  

Here's a video of her drinking from a straw!

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Raelyn said...

You are not the expert. True. You are better than an expert. You're Abby's Momma!! ;-D