Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Little Girl

We're a little behind, but we finally planted a tree in honor of Abby's dedication.  Hey, it was within the year...that's not so bad, right?  

We went to our favorite local market/nursery because they were having a sale and I would much rather have my money going toward an awesome organic nursery and farm than Lowes.  After much hunting for the perfect tree for Abby, we settled on a Magnolia hybrid appropriately called The Little Girl.  It will grow to be only about 6 feet tall, which I think is perfect considering that Abby is destined to be little. I love the beautiful purple blooms!

We had an old holly tree that we needed to get rid of, so we got some help from a boy in the youth group with a much greener thumb than either of us!  After the tree was cut down, he started in on planting Abby's tree.  

Abby already points to her tree whenever we go outside.  If she's anything like Caleb, she will take a strong liking to her tree and will do anything to protect it!

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Raelyn said...

What a beautiful tree for a beautiful little girl!! ;)