Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Miracle

We got some amazing news yesterday. Abby saw her thoracic specialist, who said that her ribs are continuing to calcify and that he doesn't feel like any surgery at all is necessary! He doesn't need to see her again until she is 4 or 5, and he doesn't feel that we need to put any limitations on her activities...she could even play soccer if she wanted to! (I think we'd better work on the standing first though!) :)

To give you an idea of how much of a miracle this news is, below is the very first image we have of Abby's ribs. 

This was taken about an hour after birth. 

Here is another image that was taken about a few weeks later, but is a little better picture of her ribs.

When we asked the nurse practitioner what the gaps meant for Abby's prognosis, and she gave us a helpless look and said she'd never seen anything like this.  She hung a "Fragile!  Do Not Touch!" sign over Abby's crib and everyone handled her with kid gloves.  As we received her diagnosis and realized how rare and serious her condition really was, we we were floored.  Matt and I cried over the little girl who would never get to dance or play with her brother, if she even made it out of the NICU.  If Abby did survive, we thought we would be facing multiple surgeries involving titanium ribs replacing her rib cage. 

Needless to say, this news is awesome!!!

Never give up hope, my friends! Our God is greater. :)


Anonymous said...

It is evident that God continues to bless Abby. After she learns to stand (of course) I look forward to seeing her dance. She loves music so much, she is sure to be a natural. Trial Gillette

Debbie said...

Wonderful news for Abby and all of you. May the blessings continue.

And btw, I cannot wait to see the blog once the Abster begins running and tackling her, too will come!!!