Monday, March 26, 2012

Running Away to the Circus

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to go to the circus with an organization called The Starlight Foundation that provides fun activities for families facing complex medical problems.  We have been with them for almost a year now, but this was our first activity with them.  It seemed like our schedule just never allowed for us to go to any of the events, so we were really excited when we realized that we would be able to go to the circus!

Over 100 people from Starlight were there, and we took up two entire sections.  It was refreshing to be among others who have a clue what you're going through, and I have to admit that it was also nice not to have to deal with the constant stares for a few hours.

The ushers assigned to our sections were so sweet and accommodating.  We brought our mega-stroller in loaded down with all of the medical equipment (we were parked in a parking garage much too far away to get equipment in an emergency) and stored it on the landing of our section where we could see it.  (Hey, that's thousands of dollars of medical equipment!!!)  I had to go to the stroller for various things, so I was up and down the stairs a lot.  The ushers would shine the flashlight for me and offer assistance as I got Abby's feed ready, suctioned her, etc.  It was nice!

Caleb and Abby both loved the circus.  Abby enjoyed the music and entertained everybody around her with her dancing and clapping.  Caleb was thoroughly amazed with the guy on fire who was shot from a cross bow across the arena.  I got the whole thing on video and will be posting it soon!  :)  They both were very well behaved and handled the late night and out-of-routine evening quite well.  We were slightly afraid we would regret going and promised to leave as soon as we stopped having fun.  That really never happened, and we only left when we did because Abby was trying to fall asleep and couldn't.    They both really were awesome!

I can honestly say that this was the first "special event" we have done as an entire family...well, except for our mini-vacation, but Matt says that doesn't count.  It was really nice to take a break from our world of doctors, hospitals, nursing, and therapy and literally and figuratively run away to the circus.

I'm very thankful for Starlight and am excited to do more events with them in the future. Stay tuned for lots of pictures and videos from our adventure!

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