Monday, March 12, 2012

New Shoe Drama

I'm a wear-your-shoes-until-they-fall-apart kind of a girl.  My sister, the shoe queen, hates that about me.  She also feels like I take the comfort over style idea to the extreme and has banned me from buying anymore Crocs or Sketchers for work.  :)  So when my trusty Crocs finally died on Monday morning when I put them on to go to work, I put on my brown loafers only to find that walking in the snow we had that day wasn't so wonderful because the holes in the soles caused my socks to be soaked!  Since both of my go-to shoes were now in shoe heaven,  I caved and decided it was time for some new ones.  I think my sister cheered.

So we all drove the hour and 15 minutes to the "big mall" (yes, we live that far away from one!) and I actually found two very cute pairs in one store.  They would have been Amy-approved, too!  :)  Despite the fact that they weren't cheap, Matt convinced me that it would be worth it since I wear them out anyway.  I bought both, wore one pair out of the store like a giddy six year old excited about her new shoes, and then went to a few other stores.  When we got home, the bag with the other pair of shoes was nowhere to be found!

I was...upset...and threw the phone book across the room handled my anger and frustration in a mature and calm manner.  Matt considered mentioning that perhaps this is where Caleb gets his anger issues from, but thought better of it.  Good call.

I found the mall directory and called all of the stores we went to.  None of them had seen the bag, but they took my name and number.  Well, all but Journeys--they refused to take my information!

When I hung up with the last store, I really broke down and was just so upset that I spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes and basically just threw it all away.  I tend to beat myself up when I am irresponsible, so there's no need for anyone else to say anything.  I am my own worst critic.  Matt asked if I was sure I called every place, so we went back through our mental list.  Gymboree!  I forgot to call there!

Imagine my relief when the sweet girl who had helped me earlier that day told me that the bag was there!  She said she knew exactly whose they were and tried to look us up in their system, but couldn't find a phone number.  Thank you, sweet Gymboree sales clerk!  You saved my shoes!

My feet are now happy in my new Amy-approved shoes.  I hope they last as long as my Crocs!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify something...I love Crocs, I really do. I have nothing against them...I have several pairs of different styles. I have even been known to wear a lime green pair all around Disney world! Oh yes, and I have seen Julie's new shoes and they are very nice and grown up looking! Good job!! ;) Amy