Friday, March 30, 2012

Painting a Masterpiece

Next to the guy engulfed in flames getting shot from a crossbow, meeting the elephant, Asia, was the highlight of the circus for Caleb.  He literally had a front row seat for this part during the pre-show activities, and it was so cool!!

Asia got her nails brushed and polished before the show.

She showed everybody her trunk and her costume.

Then she got right to work painting.  Yep, painting!!  She chose the colors and dipped the paint brush in the paint and everything!

This was her first masterpiece.  You enter your name in for a drawing and they give away her art work at each show.  Caleb was pretty disappointed that he didn't win.  Honestly, I think we have a couple of similar "masterpieces" hanging up on our fridge...

She started in on her second masterpiece....

...and was so proud of this one that she showed it off herself!

The trainer gave her an entire loaf of bread at one time as her treat.  She chewed it once and then swallowed!  You can see a tiny bit here, but it was gone in a flash!

I think that this was probably my favorite part.  I love when I'm up close and personal with the animals as they do their tricks!

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