Friday, March 9, 2012

My Children Love Boxes...and Fighting Over Them

Seriously, why do I buy toys??  

Abby went right to the Amazon box I had just unpacked and motioned for me to put her in it.  If I had taken a video, you would have heard her giggling hysterically over sitting in a box.

That is, until Caleb wanted to join in the fun.  Then she got a little unhappy.  He's driving a boat here, but she seems a little unsure of his driving capabilities.  Hold on, Abby!

Then she started looking at our nurse as if to say, please get me outta here!
Note the lack of room Caleb is giving her as he tries to convince her that she really doesn't want to play in the box.

Abby starts getting mad.  Caleb tries to make it up to her, but the damage is done.

Doesn't she look utterly defeated here?!  Sigh, he won the box.

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Raelyn said...

Fun, fun, fun!! I love your words in how you described these pictures, Julie!! ;-D
The first on of Abby is adorable!! ;)