Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Abby has so much personality!  Here are a few glimpses into life with my funny, sweet, sassy, stubborn Abby Joy!

*  During speech therapy, her therapist was trying to get Abby to touch something on her iPad.  She grabbed Abby's hand and Abby not only pulled it away, but crossed her arms in a defiant don't touch me move. 

*  When I took away something she wasn't supposed to be playing with, Abby started flapping and howling. She threw herself flat onto the floor face-down and smacked her head on the corner of her iPad's (very hard) protective case.  That'll teach ya to throw tantrums...

*  We went to Walmart last night to  let Abby pick our her own big girl toothbrush.  As we went through the little girl's clothing area, Hello Kitty was everywhere!!  Every single time she saw The Kitty, she would smile really big, "say" (hum the syllables) Hello Kitty, and clap.  It is so darn cute!  Guess what kind of tooth brush she picked out???  (We also found her a HK Thermos water bottle to practicing drinking from a straw!!)

*  If Caleb is lying on the floor or the bed, Abby is right on top of him, playing Whack-a-Bubba!  That's a little game she created when she whacks Caleb on the head and they both laugh hysterically.  She's getting a lot stronger, so I'm not sure how much longer it will be funny to Caleb!  The girl can hold her own when she is wrestling!

*  Yesterday, Abby managed to pull her trach out by pulling at one of the velcro ties.  I heard what I thought was her filter hitting the ground behind me, but I was facing away from her fixing dinner.  I asked Caleb to put it back on for me, and then I heard, "Oh my!  I don't know how to do this, Momma!"  I turned, saw what had happened, and hurriedly put it back in with my heart racing.  Caleb was notably scared and kept saying, "I'm so glad she survived!" over and over again.  And all the while, Abby's just sitting there with a What's your problem? look on her face.  She didn't seem the least bit concerned!  Let's hope she doesn't do it again!

*  Abby is loving food now.  She has become quite a little beggar and will often crawl up to me when I have something to eat and start grabbing for it.  The other day, she wanted the salsa-flavored Sun Chips I had, so I figured she could lick it.  I gave her one and told her to lick it (she's really good at following the directions we give her for eating!).  She did, and then made a terrible face and threw it at me.  Welp, guess she doesn't like spicy foods!

*  Her new favorite game is to try to dump her bowl of baby food while we're trying to feed her.  The goal is to knock the bowl out of your hand and get as much of it on your shirt as possible.  Sometimes she succeeds!  I've started saying/signing, "Ok, you're telling me you are alllllll done.  That's fine.  All done!" and I put it away.  Then she gets mad, so I remind her not to hit her bowl if she wants her food and attempt to feed her again.  We usually cycle through this a few times before either she settles down or I really do put it away for good.  There are days when I feel very much like Annie Sullivan dealing with Helen Keller. :)

I hope you enjoyed a few personality glimpses!  That girl is a firecracker!!


Raelyn said...

Abby may have "special needs", but after reading this blog post, I was reminded of just how "normal" she is, Julie!! ;-D

Debbie said...

You have to love the normalcy in your home (as long as you have valium)!!! Cute, cute stuff :)