Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Might be a Germaphobe if...

...someone sneezes behind you in church and you automatically get out your hand sanitizer to use.

...all that's running through your head as you're shaking 5th graders' hands at recognition is I can't wait to wash my hands!!!

...after said recognition, you refuse to touch any part of your body until your hands are thoroughly cleaned.

...your son has become the hand-washing police for visitors.

...everyone in your family is trained to wash his/her hands whenever entering the house. go through a standard-sized bottle of hand sanitizer a week. are kept awake at night at the thought of all of the germs floating around everywhere.

...the baby is carried in the Baby Bjorn solely because less people are likely to breathe on her. cringe at the sight of students being required to get jackets from the lost-and-found if they don't have one at recess. wipe down all hard surfaces in your daughter's living space with Lysol wipes...multiple times a day. get frustrated with people who say, "I just washed my hands 10 minutes ago!" when they're about to touch your baby--as if no germs have gotten on their hands in the last 10 minutes.

...after touching raw chicken, you wash your hands 4 times--just in case--and then use Lysol wipes to wipe down all of the surfaces you may have accidentally touched.

...your kids know you so well that they buy you scented hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and antibacterial soap for end of the year gifts--and you're giddy over them!!

Others????  Please share!!! 

PS:  Of course, none of these are real-life examples.  In fact, this in no way describes me...

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