Monday, June 20, 2011


By far, my favorite feature of Abby's is her eyes...those deep, expressive eyes! 

The other night, we were having a little cuddle time before bed and she was just taking it all in with those look-into-your-soul peepers of hers.  As she was studying me, listening to me tell her how much I love her, her face suddenly broke into this beautiful, full-of-love smile.  And those eyes of hers were just about to burst!  The girl may not be able to talk yet, but she can sure let me know what she's thinking! 

I wanted to get a picture of all that smileyness, but I wasn't about to break the mood!  So, I took a mental snapshot and I won't soon forget that look. I L-O-V-E that girl.

To ease the pain of not getting to see the beautiful smile first hand, here are some other pictures of Abby in all of her expressive-eyes glory!

This was taken on her first full day of life.  She was so sick, but look at those eyes!
I'm not giving up, Momma!  I'm a fighter!

She was looking at her daddy here.  :)

I'm looking deep into your soul! this safe, guys?  I'm not too sure about this...

Definitely up to no good...

Something is apparently very funny...or else she's making fun of somebody!

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Bri said...

I love those pictures of when she was first born, they just seem to speak to my heart! When our little man was in the NICU and he was hooked up to the oxygen and ivs I just remember his big eyes just looking at us, it was almost as if he was comforting me, and not the other way around. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter!