Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Peek Inside My Fridge and Cabinets

I have really found a love for the glass Lock-and-Lock products.  I put a lot of leftovers in them so that I can put them right in the oven or microwave.  I've bought a few more rectangular pieces, in addition to the pieces I was given through L&L Supporters, and I also have some round ones from my last shipment.  They are well-used!

The plastic ones store a lot of different kinds of chocolate gold coins that I use during "School Time" with Caleb!  :) 

All our various types of jelly... 

Look closely here...that round one in the background is extremely useful!  I just got it recently (it's part of a lunch box kit, actually), and I am pretty much always using it for something.  The ones in the foreground are holding celery and cucumbers for Caleb's snacks.  There's also one (without a lid) that's cut off on the left.  We put thawing milk in there!

I have a snack drawer for the nurses, but found that putting entire boxes of snacks would mean that about 1/2 of the box would go stale and be wasted.  Since then, I've started splitting the boxes in half and putting them in two Lock and Lock containers.  Since they're airtight, they don't go stale!  It's worked really well and then we don't waste food.

This is Caleb's snack basket (I have a "Snack Shop" where he "buys" snacks...I need to blog on that sometime!)  Lots of Lock and Lock in here because the stuff doesn't go bad this way!

In case there was ever any doubt, I definitely do use Lock and Lock on a daily (hourly, minutely...) basis!  It's a part of my everyday life. :)

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