Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This and That

I'm going to have like NO time to post anything over the next few days, so I'm going to be relying on my time-delayed posts I have lined up...I may actually go a day or so without a post!!  I know, craziness!  I have no day nurses for the next two days with Matt being completely unavailable to be home and doctors' appointments in Baltimore on both days (fabulous, right?).  Thanks, Dad, for giving up two days of your vacation to take us!  It is so hard having to depend on someone else to get around because Abby has to be under observation.  *sigh*  Then, we have a youth missions team coming to our church this weekend and family visiting Sunday and Monday.  I really want to be able to update you on Abby's appointments and may be able to write a late-night post (which is normally when I write anyway), but no promises. 

Today is Abby's BIG pulminary appointment when we will hopefully get a vent-weaning date set.  It's also Abby's 8 month birthday...and as one friend put it, "The perfect day for a vent-weaning date!!"  I sure hope so.  I'm not going to lie--it's going to be rough if our pulminologist says we have to wait.  Waiting means probably next April, because of the small window we're working with...and April seems very far away right now.  Of course, our "going home day" seemed very far away at one point, and just look at us now!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...I repeat that verse about 156 times a day!  If God wants Abby to be on the vent longer than I do, then so be it.  "His thoughts are higher than mine..."

My controversial post has stirred up some emotions, but thanks for being so polite about it!  As predicted, I have received comments from passionate people on both sides of the fence.  Honestly, I can see both sides on this one.  I lean much farther onto the "vaccinate" side, but can kind of understand why some people choose to delay some vaccinations.  I still don't agree with choosing not to get vaccines at all (with the exception of Hepatitis B, since that's a risky behavior disease anyway.  It's important for kids who are in the hospital a lot, but probably not for your typical child.), but I like Davey's idea of getting all vaccines--just spaced differently.  Their (just born yesterday weighing 10 lbs 5 oz!!!) son will be getting a vaccine every month instead of multiple vaccines every two months.  I think that's a good way to play it safe without putting others at risk.  As a mom of a kid who doesn't need anything else to deal with, thanks!!  Feel free to read up on the conversations here at the blog and on Facebook.  People have some interesting thoughts.

Alright, it's time to vacuum and mop.  I'll see you on Monday!  :)

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