Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saucin' it Up

Abby has decided that, after much deliberation, she does love her saucer.  While just last week, she wouldn't spend two minutes in it, she will now sit and play contentedly for quite some time!  She interacts with her toys and it is helping to make her legs stronger, so we're happy that she likes it now.
Looking at the sun

Reading a book!

She's learning to push up a bit now!

Her legs are still a little short, so we give her an extra bit of cushion.

I think she thinks the sun can talk, because she sure was carrying on a conversation with it!

These things spin, rattle, and creak.

She likes the puppet, but not when I put my hand in it!

Abby is also learning to spin a bit in the saucer, which is no easy feat when you're attached to tubes.  I put her in one place, went into the kitchen for a second, came back, and she was in another place! 

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