Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Things

1.  I carried Abby without tubes for the very first time this evening!  It was an awesome feeling.  (Yes, I cried.  I didn't let you down!)  She is up to 5 minutes 4x a day and could do longer.  We are waiting for our equipment company to send us humidvents, which attach to the trach and provide humidity to keep plugs from forming in the trach.  Once we get those, we will feel more comfortable doing it for a little longer (like maybe bath time???)  :)

2.  I can't wait for this antibiotic Abby is on to be over (tonight is her last dose!)  Let's just say it hasn't been too easy on her tummy and I've been doing a whole lotta laundry these last 10 days!  I'm nearly out of Oxyclean, thanks to all of the soaking going on!  The other day, she wore 5 different outfits.  Every single day, I've had to change her clothes at least once because of a blow out.  Lovely...she will not be taking this antibiotic again!  She's had two others and has never had a "reaction" like this, so I think we'll stick to those! 

3.  Last week was an extremely busy week and I'm looking forward to a calmer one.  I am exhausted! 

4.  Caleb can't get a good night's sleep because Bat Girl keeps waking him up to do his job (which is to fight bad guys, of course.  He is Batman, you know.)

5.  Caleb and I are doing school time each day.  It's about a half an hour, but I gage his interest.  He has a bin with reading, math, and writing materials. He also has some special pencils that can only be used for school (Smencils--they smell really good and are made out of recycled paper...and they are a fabulous motivation to write!)  His favorite part is ringing the school bell and calling out, "School time!"  He then rings it when we're done and calls, "Recess!"  It's pretty cute.  He's doing a great job with his work though.  He's pretty much mastered all of the basic sounds and we're starting to work on a few blends.  He's great at counting and can do some basic addition on his fingers.  We will be starting some of the basic sight words soon.  We also have several websites that he really enjoys that cover both reading and math skills.  He doesn't see those at "school time" because they're on the computer, so I consider them an added bonus.  :)

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Erin said...

Julie, what websites are you using? Just wondering, if I have different ones then you then i'll share. Thanks!