Thursday, June 9, 2011


I got my new Lock and Lock shipment a few days ago.  It's my biggest and most exciting one yet! (Although, I do oh-so-love my frying pan!)

Can you believe all this stuff???

These are the big storage containers I got.  I got 3 of the ones on the left and 2 of the kind on the right.

I had just gotten my delivery of the glass bowls I had ordered that very morning!!  Now I have 3 more.  Oh well, I'll use them all. 

Check out the round cylinder on the left.  I don't have any that size.  I think it will be nice for soup.

These little round ones are nice for lunches.  They're good for dip too!  :)

Here's another larger one.  It's a great one for leftovers!

This one showed coffee being stored in it on the picture, and that's exactly what I did!  (No, not for me.  We don't drink coffee, but the nurses all do.  I bought them a coffee maker and stored their coffee in here.  It works perfectly!)

More to come in another post!  I love Lock and Lock!!!


Mindi and Adrian said...

Super fun. I'm curious how did you come about reviewing their products? I would love to do something like that!

mom said...

I am jealous!!! I love lock and lock!