Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Decannulation Day, Jacob!

Last Friday, my brave little cousin Jacob was decannulated* after having a trach for nearly 2 years.

*the removal of the trach

Yes, we actually had two kids in one family (Jacob is 4) with trachs and g-tubes.  Craziness!  Jacob had a brain tumor at age 2.  Complications from it and the surgeries that followed required him to have a tracheostomy.  It's been a long two years for this brave boy and his family!

I'm happy to report that he is doing wonderfully!!!!  He is still in the hospital under observation, but will hopefully head home--sans trach!--today!

Jacob will still have a g-tube for a while, but honestly, what's a g-tube after you've had a trach?!

I'm excited for Jacob to go swimming and begin eating more solid foods!  I'm excited for his parents to be able to travel easier and not have to deal with suctioning, pulse oximeters, and cpap machines!  I'm excited for the whole family to gain back the privacy they have lost for so long by having nurses in their house!! 

Happy Decannulation Day, Jacob!  We are so proud of your bravery!

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