Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're Proud of Our Dogwood!

The picture on my header is of our Dogwood tree. We planted it when we moved into our house (it's Caleb's tree), and it nearly died that first winter. We were pretty much thinking that it was gone, but the girl hung in there and made it through the cold weather. There was not a single flower (or leaf) on it last summer, and I still didn't have much hope this spring! Caleb and I continued to water it religiously in hopes that it would flower. Low and behold, IT DID!!! Caleb is convinced that it was his amazing watering skills that made the Dogwood bloom. I was so incredibly excited that I took LOTS of pictures of it. Aren't they the most beautiful blooms you've ever seen? They sure are to us!! :)


Katie said...

beautiful picture, what lens was that and what camera do you have?

Caleb's Mom said...

Thanks! I have a Nikon S80. It's actually not an SLR, so I don't have a detachable lens! It takes GREAT pictures though...love it! I have an 18x Optical Zoom that allows me to do ultra close ups. It has 10.1 megapix. I'm learning a lot about photography from using it. My last camera was a 4 megapix Kodak hunkajunk that was 10 years old, so this was a major step up!

PS: I love the little bit of fuzziness on the left side and the contrasting sharpness on the right side! We're so proud of our dogwood!! :)