Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Momentous Occasion!

This morning, my BIG BOY Caleb went POOP on the potty! Here is how the events transpired:

* Caleb was making a few grunting noises while I was curling my hair this morning.

* I asked him if he was pooping. (We aren't potty training, but we are trying to make him aware of when he goes potty.)

* He told me no, but that he needed to poop. I suggested that he go try to sit on the potty.

* He sat on the potty for several minutes without as much as a toot. I figured it was a wash, but he didn't want to get down yet. I went back to curling my hair and let him try for a few more minutes.

* He called, "I'm done!" and Matt went to check on him. I hear a joyous, "Get the camera!" which could only mean one thing...HE WENT POTTY!!!

* After lots of jumping up and down and cheering, we took many pictures of the deed, including several of Caleb (in all his nakedness) pointing at his poop and pretending to go potty.

* I ran downstairs and got Caleb his beloved Baby Hank, which we'd promised to give him as soon as he went poop on the potty for the first time. He was incredibly excited and had big plans to take it with him to Mommom's house.

Way to go, Caleb! We love you and are sooooo proud of you!! :)

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