Thursday, May 28, 2009

Living Vicariously Through 50 Elementary Schoolers

I'll admit it. I love Musical Theatre Club. I did it for two years in the past (one was an absolutely amazing experience and one...wasn't...which is why I stopped doing it) and was asked to help them out again this year with choreography. With Matt's crazy schedule, it is admittedly hard to make that kind of commitment. If you know me (which I hope you do, if you are reading this...if you don't, go away STALKER!), you know that I don't like to be involved with things I can't commit to fully. It's against my nature, and I get that honest from my mom.

However, I love these ladies who do MTC and admire their dedication. SO, I agreed and it wa a WHIRLWIND of rehearsals these last few weeks--but a fun whirlwind! My sister watched Caleb for me a few times and it's a relatively "slow" time for Matt scheduling-wise. (The calm before the storm...summer is approaching!)

Tonight was our performance. What was my role during the show, you ask? As the choreographer, I was in the back standing on the cafeteria table. I had lots of different signs, including "slow down," "loud," "smile," and "energy." I also had the names of a couple of kids who keep forgetting their cues!! I would hold up the sign as needed, wave it around, and try to get the kids to improve whatever they were doing! I basically had a huge smile plastered on my face the entire time and did quite a bit of jumping around to get the energy level up. Whenever there was a dance, I was dancing too! We've found that having someone in the back giving "reminders" really helps. It was really fun, but exhausting!!

About halfway through, I noticed some flashing. I was so focused on what was going on in the show that I didn't notice about 1/2 of the audience turned around taking pictures of me! *sigh* Those pictures are going to be used as blackmail sometime, I'm pretty sure!

I love musical theatre. I do. It's just in my blood. That year of musical theatre in high school was the best ever, and I wouldn't trade all of those years of musicals for anything! I miss it, and I guess this is my way to get my living vicariously through 50 elementary schoolers! :)

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