Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

* I did not spend over 10 minutes just now trying to figure out how to hide the rather large and disgusting-looking hot sauce stain I just got on my pants when I big glob dropped in my lap. I definitely didn't try to go 80's style and tie my jean jacket around my waste so that all of the people in the library didn't think I had some sort of "accident..." I'm secure with myself, so I would never do that. (Oh, and I also didn't decide to throw my purse over my shoulder and carry it sort of in front of me to block the hideous blob while I was walking!)

* I do not have a countdown on my Ipod counting down the days of school we have left. What's more, I really don't look at it every day!

* I didn't get 5 tick bites in the last week ( of them were not on my butt!) and have to go to the doctor today for an antibiotic because one is a huge red circle about 3 inches in diameter! What's more, I did not almost decide NOT to go to the doctor because I was afraid they would draw my blood! I've had a baby and have been poked and prodded a bagillion times. I can handle a little blood work...and I didn't sigh with relief when the doctor said I only needed to get blood drawn if I have symptoms after I finish the antibiotic!! :) (If you know me, you know that I do NOT have an intense fear of much so that my OB used to sing to me every time I got blood work done when I was pregnant!)

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